10 Best Kitchen Helper Stool for Toddlers (2021 Update)

10 Best Kitchen Helper Stool for Toddlers

Our kiddos love to help out around the house—especially in the kitchen. With countertops often out of reach for these little hands, it can often become a difficult stretching exercise for their young arms. Or worse still, the family dog might think it’s been treated to a tasty meal when the bowl is brought down to the floor for our child to eat. Things may turn out catastrophic.

Investing in a strong step stool is one way to avoid these and similar ugly occurrences, as well as to encourage our kids on their eagerness to help. This way, they can stay safe while helping and learning. Plus, when they help make food, they’re more likely to eat it! 

But step towers aren’t just limited to the kitchen alone. You can get a few of them and keep around the house, so that your kids can also brush their teeth, study (on them), or climb into bed with these stools. And these are only just few of the ways helper towers can be helpful. 

With so many styles and designs out there, getting the right helper stool for your kid can be a bit of a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we have made this comprehensive list of the 10 best kitchen helper stools for toddlers.

So, go ahead and find the perfect learning tower for your child.

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Built on the guiding principle of hands-on learning in mind and helping hands in the kitchen, the Little Partners Explore n Store Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool encourages little kids to interact, explore, and learn from parents and older siblings during kitchen time. The safety tower’s design is meant to lift kids 2-6 years old to counter height so that they can participate in cooking, cleaning, crafts, and other activities without any fear of slipping off or back. Thanks to the 4-sided railing, which boxes the child safely in. We also appreciate the adjustable height feature (3 steps!), which provides extended use for our little tots as they grow. We haven’t even mentioned how this develops their motor skills, as well as builds their confidence and independence.

Little Partners Explore  Store Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers
Little Partners Explore Store Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers

We also love the space-saving design of this toddler kitchen stool. The entire construction is less than two feet wide and reaches the counter height spot-on, so that you don’t have to worry about kitchen or counter space. To add more functionality, the bottom step can easily fold up completely for a more compact profile, so that you can store it conveniently under the kitchen counter and islands, until next use.

2. ComfyBumpy Kitchen Step Stool, Chalkboard & Desk

Think of a multitasker! The multipurpose ComfyBumpy Kitchen Stool is a stool, chalkboard, and desk in one. First of all, it does a great job of its main task of helping your kid get to the countertop while keeping them safe and contained within the 3-sided box. Secondly, it comes with a chalkboard and serves dual use as an art easel. Thirdly, it becomes a useful desk when laid on its side (chalkboard side up). An attached plank between the bottom legs serves as a seat. 

Comfy Bumpy Kitchen Stool
Comfy Bumpy Kitchen Stool

Why do we feel you’ll love this triple treat? Your little one will get loads of first-hand educational experience (as a sous chef and an great chalk artist!) from this single, compact unit.

3. Cute (and convertible!) Toddler Learning Tower

A learning tower can become not just a friend for your child but also a caring member of your family who is willing to help your child reach high places and achieve top (or tough!) goals.

We’re talking about the toy-looking Cute and Convertible Toddler Learning Tower below. 

 Cute and Convertible Toddler Learning Tower
 Cute and Convertible Toddler Learning Tower

The Cute (and convertible) Toddler Learning Tower allows your little ones to become involved within daily life, build independence, learn useful life skills, and spend quality time with Mom and Dad! This one is big enough for two toddlers. 

Transform into a table and chair for your tiny tots to eat or study on and to play around. Transform back to the tower and allow your child to help you prep the meals in the kitchen or brush their teeth.

4. Guide craft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool

Mom and baby kitchen time can be a fun one with the Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool. The lightweight and adjustable stool, for babies above two, is designed foldable for convenient storage. Cancels out all spaces worries. It’s designed and tested to meet child safety standards. Non-slip mat and two kitchen helper keepers included for an additional layer of security. Adjusts up to 15” and 18” to keep the stool the perfect height for your growing kid. Available in three (3) different color options to match your home decor: walnut, white, and black.

Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool
Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool

5. Little Partners Toddler Step Up Stool

This beautifully painted toddler step up stool features wide set steps and an adjustment lock for shifting stair heights for improved safety. The rounded edges and smooth design also prevent damage to wood floor. The sturdy construction also makes this stool perfect for adults to step up on and reach items far up the shelf. 

Your toddler(s) can climb up this stool alone to brush their teeth, floss, wash their hands, and play with themselves in the mirror. You can now find the time to do other worthwhile activities, while your child develops their self-care skills.

Little Partners Toddler Step Up Stool
Little Partners Toddler Step Up Stool

This stool comes in a variety of seven charming colors to match any setting: Turquoise, Lilac, Natural, Soft White, Espresso, Earl Grey, and Apple Green. 

6. KidzWerks Kitchen Step Stool

When you need a secure and durable step stool for your toddler, the KidzWerks Kitchen Step Stool is the way forward. The stylish standing kitchen tower is made of birchwood which makes it very sturdy and safe for your child. This kitchen stool comes with three adjustable levels, which allows your child more room for exploration and creative freedom. They can watch you cook in the kitchen and learn—or even help out with tiny tasks!

Who says little ones can’t do big things?!

Kidz Werks Kitchen Step Stool
Kidz Werks Kitchen Step Stool

7. PP OPOUNT Giraffe Step Stool

Your tot’s gotta love this new giraffe friend! When your child wants to cook with you in the kitchen, the cute giraffe standing tower will always be there, so that they can enjoy a safe and fun cooking experience.

The PP OPOUNT Giraffe Step Stool comes with three-levels height design, non-slip foot pads, and safety bars to keep you baby safely boxed in on all sides. 

PP OPOUNT Giraffe Step Stool
PP OPOUNT Giraffe Step Stool

The design is super kiddie-cool, which makes it ideal for younger toddlers. Don’t forget to also check out OPOUNT’s elephant step stool, which is just as sweet!

8. Sous-Chef Toddler Tower from Sprout Kidsds

The Sous-Chef Toddler Tower from Sprout Kids is a great tool to involve your kid in the daily household tasks, and even be your little helper in the kitchen. Built tall and sturdy like a tower, the Sous-Chef Tower stool uplifts your child to countertop levels, where they’re closer to the action. Your child can explore and evaluate their abilities alongside you while helping you to wash dishes and prep meals. 

Toddler Tower from Sprout Kids
Toddler Tower from Sprout Kids

Two standout features make this helper stool “the deal” for us. Firstly, it can be assembled, disassembled, and adjusted according to your child’s needs. Secondly, it’s been designed and redesigned to maximize safety for you child.

9. Disney Princess 2-Tier Step Stool

New friends for your little princess!

If your child is obsessed with Disney, this stool is the one. The 2-step stool features all the five OG Disneyland Princesses, from Ariel to Snow White. Your little princess will love this steps stool, no doubts. She will love the princesses. She will have friends to grow up with and make fairytales come alive in your home! 

Disney Princess 2-Tier Step Stool
Disney Princess 2-Tier Step Stool

The plastic stool is very sturdy and the perfect height for tots. Also made to accommodate growing children, with the 2-tier design. It’s built light so that your kid can carry around the house, without your help or supervision. Comes with a non-slip top for secure stepping.

10. little Partners Adjustable Height Growing Step Stool

Beautifully painted in 9 different colors to match any bedroom or playroom, this Adjustable Height Growing Step Stool is a no brainer. The steep stool has a fascinating design that looks much like a ladder style bookcase for classic bedroom look. Your toddlers will find it super easy and fun to grip the sturdy railings, as they climb up into bed. 

Little Partners Adjustable Height Growing Step Stool
Little Partners Adjustable Height Growing Step Stool

Bonus: the attached handles are slip-resistant for added safety, which makes you breathe easy as you watch your tiny angel climb up and down repeatedly. 

The adjustable height feature makes this step stool a worthy long-term buy, as your toddler can grow with it. Designed strong and durable, this stepper tower will be available for any other future siblings. This quality will also be useful to parents, as the stool can transition to a parent step stool (another reason it was designed, in the first place). Built to support adults up to 150 lbs.


Getting out of the way and letting the kids help is a great way to fine-tune their life & motors skills, build their confidence and teach them independence from an early stage—very important! 

In the kitchen (especially!) your kids can learn useful culinary skills, or at least, develop early interests in food and healthy eating.

Meanwhile, which is your favorite kitchen stool or platform for your little one?

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