10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends in 2021

10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends In 2021

While 2020 has been a stressful and quiet time for most fashion brands, it hasn’t been a total disappointment, for the most part. For many designers, the energy has been channeled into a productive quest for more meaning and inspiration, along with a collective desire for rebirth.

What this means for us, the fashion lovers, is that a whole new set of interesting major trends are on their way in. Yup! We can’t stop thinking about the SS21 collections and pieces we want to wear right away.

We had a designer intimate us on some of the fashion styles that will be on-trend again, and she gave us a dose of optimism and effervescence. According to her, there are tons of exciting new and reinvented collections to expect for our wardrobes in 2021. We promise you’ll be inspired to wear our picks for the New Year right away.

We’ve decided to share just 10 of them with you on our list below.

1. Designer face mask

designer face mask

Who would have thought that face masks will become one of the biggest accessories in 2020? And now that we’re in it for the long haul, no surprise, it’s slowly become a fact of our new, normal life. They’re now getting a high fashion remodeling, so while you protect yourself, you may as well do it with style.

Opt for high-quality, breathable fabric (like silk) as well as ones that make you look more attractive. It’s easier to commit to wearing your mask if you like it. The fun thing about these face-coverings is that they come in limitless styling varieties.

You can even elevate your style by rocking masks that go in matching colors with your outfit. Black is a versatile color. Sleek black face mask will match almost any outfit you wear, and they offer great coverage for your mouth and nose—sexy ninja style. You can go for choices that feature fun prints, textures, or embellishments—basically anything chic and crazy. There are also a few different shapes to explore—from the accordion style to the traditional shape.

Look beautiful while protecting yourself in 2021.

We Recommend: Woplagyreat 2Pcs Designer Face Cover

2. Oversized Boyfriend Blazer Jacket 

oversized boyfriend blazer

Drawing inspiration from the 80’s, this oversized boyfriend blazer lets you create a long line silhouette and play with shapes. The large shoulder pads create the appearance of a slender waist, so that your legs look even longer. For an ultra-modern style, you can swipe for a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts to go with this look. For the perfect color match, go for outfits in powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals for an effortlessly stylish appearance. An up-and-down fitting will go a longer way.

We Recommend: Roamans Women’s Plus Size Boyfriend Blazer

3. Head scarfs

Stretch Head Wraps for Women

Protect your hair and add a sleek finishing touch to your outfit in the most stylish but subtle fashion with the 50s and 60s inspired headscarves. If you want something flashier, you can choose from a silky design with elaborate pattern like floral motifs or go simple with bold, blocky design. To rock your scarf, you can wrap it in a loose tie under your chin or leave it hanging off the back of your head. You can even be more creative by wrapping it around your neck—cowgirl style—or letting it dangle loosely from your bag.

We Recommend: Stretch Head Wraps for Women

4. Bubblegum pink

Champion Women's Powerblend Boyfriend Crew Sweatshirt

A pop of color helps to make a powerful statement and looks super chic when combined with neutrals like gray and camel. We’re excited that bold, bubblegum pink will be finding its way into our wardrobes again, come Spring. This fun hue plays up well with black to charm and inspire. Handbags, tops, stockings, and shoes are some of the accessories that flaunt this color best.

We Recommend: Champion Women’s Powerblend Boyfriend Crew Sweatshirt

5. Baguette shoulder bags

Retro Shoulder Bag For Women Ins Crocodile Pattern For Baguette Bag

The iconic Fendi baguette made a return to the fashion runways this year, but unluckily, we spent the major part of the year indoors. Come 2021, more and more brands will be copying this bag’s shape, so be on the lookout for this long, skinny faux-croc style bags and get ready to go all out this remaining season and next year!

We Recommend: Retro Crocodile Pattern For Baguette Bag 

6. White knee-high boots

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Gogo-300 Boot

Knee high boots are in for 2020, and while they complement and compliment an already edgy wardrobe perfectly, they’re bound to add a lil’ cool girlie touch to more femme fits.

Designers transport us back to the 60’s with this white knee-high boots with the classic gogo dancer themes. To lift your outfit for the Nancy Sinatra-approved look, pair these boots with elaborately decorated mini dress or skirt, a turtleneck, or a groovy pair of hit tight pants for an effortlessly sleek and sexy touch.

We Recommend: Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Gogo-300 Boot

7. Second-skin tops

Tommy John Women's Second Skin Camisole

When it comes to fashion, one of those pieces of wardrobe clothing you can never go wrong with is the second skin top. And luckily, they’re an all-season classic. While they’ve been trending not long ago with brands like Ganni and Marine Serre leading the lines, quite recently, designers have decided to make them a BIG deal again. So, watch out for one of the standout trends for the Spring 2021 season ahead. Prepare to be one of the first sets to receive tons of compliments on these tops.

A truly versatile fashion piece, the second-skin top pairs well with sweatpants and can be worn underneath knits and trousers. They can also be worn on their own with pants or jeans.

With these tops coming in so many interesting varieties and styles, you’ll likely have a cart so full you won’t even know what to do with ’em. Not to scare you, but happy shopping!

We Recommend: Tommy John Women’s Second Skin Camisole 

8. Loose trousers

Yissang Women's Casual Loose Paper Bag Waist Long Pants Trousers

We love how tons of loose, baggy trousers are currently becoming a big deal again in the fashion runways. You could certainly use some of the chill, happy-go-lucky vibes that comes with the trend. For that Hailey Beiber approved look, wear a low-slung style with a blazer and knit top. Raey Fold Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans and BDG High-waisted Baggy Jean are some cult-favorites to check out.

We Recommend: Yissang Women’s Casual Loose Trousers

9. Checkerboard prints

WDIRARA Women's Zip Front Plaid Print Long Sleeve Stand Collar Casual Jacket

If you’re a little bored with the stripes or polka dots, then you can spice things up with some prints. Checkerboard print is a continuously growing trend in the fashion world. It’s not something new, but like all fashion styles, it’s finding its way back into trend again. And for sure, it’s sticking around for SS21.

It’s an extremely nice pattern, which works perfectly well in various sizes and colors, as well as styles, from very elegant to punky or streetwear. It’s also very easy to wear as it’s the perfect all-occasion print, from daytime cool to masquerade ball.

Treat yourself to a smart collection of tops, sweaters, handbags, footwear, scarves, and facemasks in clean checkered graphics.

We Recommend: WDIRARA Women’s Zip Front Casual Jacket

10. Long necklaces

Longer necklaces have always been a thing to love on the SS21 runways, and fashion lovers can’t wait to add this jewelry trend to their wardrobes. It can be tricky wearing a necklace you can’t flaunt if you’re fond of tops that cover your neck, so this longer length trend will help you show off favorite pieces from your jewels collection. We suggest you check out Brinker & Eliza Around the World 24k Gold-Plated Necklace ($130) and Zara Fin Chain ($20). You’ll love ’em.

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