6 Best American-Made Kitchen Knives (2021 Updated)

6 Best American-Made Kitchen Knives

If you’re looking for the best kitchen knives made in the United States, you’ll find them here. Gone are the days when Germany and Japan were long considered the most reliable sources of quality knives. Today, some of the best silverware are produced here in the US. And if like many of us patriots you have an appreciation for a heritage that dates back to the 19th Century—a rich tradition that constantly seeks improvement on and perfection of the American cutlery craftsmanship—the least you can do is to encourage our own.

In this article, you will find the best US-made kitchen knives from the most famous home brands. After extensive research, we’ve outlined our top six (6) recommendations, based on the knives most commonly used around the kitchen. We’ve also taken into consideration important factors like a blade, handle, hilt, overall balance, items included, and value.

List of 6 Best Kitchen Knives

Whether you’re looking for a single knife or a complete set, you’ll benefit from our wide selection.

(Best High-end Kitchen Knife Set)

1. CUTCO Homemaker Knife Set

CUTCO Homemaker Knife Set in a wooden box

If you need a knife set that will last forever (well, longer than the owner) and remain brand new for years, the CUTCO knife set is your go-to. This 18-piece set is made in the US and of the finest materials. Its blades are formed from 440A high-carbon stainless steel (think dishwasher-safe and balance!), while the handles are composed of high-quality thermo-resin material to give a comfortable feel in the hands.
The knives in this set don’t need resharpening; they will remain extremely sharp for decades, as many satisfied users testify. And should you ever have any need for resharpening—zero problems—the set comes with an outstanding guarantee, which provides free sharpening and free replacement knives for life! What could this mean for you? Well, you likely won’t have to buy another kitchen knife ever again.

Which knives come with this set?

The CUTCO 18 Piece Knife Set Homemaker includes 10 essential Kitchen Knives and 8 Tables Knives, extending its reach from the kitchen to the dining—the true homemaker. Additionally, it comes with a Cherry Oak Block, a Cutting Board, and a Sharpener.

Here’s the list below:
• Paring Knife
• Trimmer
• Butcher Knife
• Carver
• Slicer
• Turning Fork
• Carving Fork
• Petite Chef Knife
• Petite Carver
• Spatula Spreader
• Table Knives
• Sharpener
• Cutting Board

Indeed the homemaker, this CUTCO complete kitchen knife set turns the kitchen job from a striving affair to a thriving one. And as a complete knife set, it’s also a perfect gift for newlyweds, couples, friends, and families. They will remember you forever. Thanks to the amazing strength and durability of CUTCO engineering.
This knife set might be on the pricey side but it’s well worth every dime you’ll be paying for. You will never need to own another knife (set).

(Best Starter & Budget Knife Set)

2. Rada Cutlery Starter Knife Set

Rada Cutlery Starter Knife Set

If you’re just moving into a new home, looking for a simple starter knife set, or are on the market for a cheap but reliable knife set, this one is for you. The Rada Cutlery S38 Starter Knife Set includes a variety of seven (7) essential household knives that will make cooking flexible, easy, and fun for many years. It comes with everything you’ll really need to take your cooking to the next level: the regular Paring Knife, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicing Knife, Super Paring Knife, 6-inch Bread Knife, Cook’s Knife, and the Slicing Knife.

Here’s the list below:
• Regular Paring Knife
• Vegetable Peeler
• Tomato Slicing Knife
• Super Paring Knife
• 6-inch Bread Knife
• Cook’s Knife
• Slicing Knife

All the knives in this set are sharp, tough, and durable. The handles are all made from permanently cast silver brushed aluminum with a satin finish. One slight setback, though, is that they’re not designed for dishwashing; handwashing is advised.
The complete set, this simple Rada Starter Knife Set will make a perfect gift item to newlyweds, friends, family, and loved ones. You can also buy one for yourself today and start cooking tasty meals in no time!

(Steak Knife Set)

3. CUTCO Steak Knife Set

CUTCO Steak Knife Set

This CUTCO steak knife set comes with four (4) table steak knives, each with a length of 8-3/8”. The 3-3/8” stainless steel blades are made from 440A high-carbon material, which means they’re durable. The Double-D serrated edge provides a neat, smooth cut all time and remains sharper than straight-edge knives. As for the handles, they’re designed with a thermo-resin material, which prevents crack, chips, or fades. Offers a firm and comfortable hold. Dishwasher safe.
The best part—it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

(Chef Knife)

4. Lamson Fire Forged 8-inch Chef Knife

Lamson Fire Forged 8-inch Chef Knife

Looking for a versatile kitchen knife for multiple jobs?
You got it—the Lamson Fire Forged 8-inch Chef Knife. This chef’s knife is the kitchen’s workhorse. With its broad blade, you can dice, slice, and chop fruits, vegetables, and meats with satisfying ease and accuracy, while protecting your knuckles from hitting the cutting board.

Most times, the blade and the handle of a knife are the stars of the show. This plays true for this Lamson kitchen knife both in beauty and functionality. The 4116-grade stainless steel blade is forged from the finest high-carbon, which provides fine polish and impressive durability—great for dishwashing, non-corrosive. It’s flat, sharp, and strong, allowing for easy cutting and proper balance. You will have little or no need to switch knives while cooking. The handle is sleek and sturdy, providing a firm and comfortable hold. It comes in different beautiful materials: the acrylic handle of the Fire Series, the resin-infused ebony handle of the Earth Series, and the natural wood handle of the Rosewood Series and Silver Series. Make your choice!

One additional quality makes this chef knife the standout choice for us: it’s backed by a unique program, “Sharp for Life,” which offers a lifetime professional sharpening all of the knives made by Lamson. Most users across several platforms have been remarkably generous in their feedback reviews on this knife.

You can give yourself a chance to experience 179 years of superior engineering and experience in American kitchenware craftsmanship. And like many home and professional cooks, as well as US Presidents, you’ll be identifying with a handicraft tradition that dates back to 1837.

(Fillet Knife)

5. Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife

 Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is a kitchen knife used for filleting (that is, skinning bones, removing bone from fish, or slicing meat or fish to shape). It’s designed to be light and flexible so that it can move easily along the backbone and under meat flesh.
Our top pick, the Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife, makes the filleting job even much easier and fun. This super light and thin fillet knife comes with a sturdy and sharp 8-inch wide blade with a curved point that allows for a quick, precise and clean cutting. The stain-free blade is made from high-carbon, honed to deliver lasting sharpness, flexibility, and durability. The grip-and-go handle is designed with a textured, anti-slip grip technology (which prevents hand fatigue) and thumb protection. The stable hold it offers also allows you to make clean and perfectly executed cuts.
What’s more?
This Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife is NSF-certified, which means that it meets professional kitchen sanitary requirements. It’s easy to clean and stands up to the toughest use. It’s no wonder it’s a signature knife for commercial and home kitchens across the country.

Major wins:
• Light and easy-to-handle
• Reliable—narrow blade, great for any finesse job
• Stays sharp
• Durable, slip-resistant, and anti-corrosive
• Dishwasher friendly
• Super affordable

(Meat Cleaver)

6. LamsonSharp Pro 33100 7-inch Meat Cleaver

Lamson holds a remarkable 179 years (and counting!) tradition of producing the finest handcrafted cutlery, kitchen tools, and trade tools in the United States.
Their Pro 33100 7-inch Meat Cleaver is a top-quality large butcher knife with a thick blade that allows you to hack through the thick and thin bones, sinews, meat, thicker vegetables, and other dense foods with ease. The stainless steel blade is laser cut hardened and made from tempered high-carbon—think quality and durable.
We like the size, shape, and curve of the blade, as it fulfills both esthetic and functional services. It extends the full length of the handle, effectively adding a needed sturdiness for balance and precision. The walnut handle is beautiful, stylish, and tough. Overall, the construction of this cleaver knife is great.
Our only complaint is that walnut handles are popularly not dishwasher-safe. When the wood appears dry, simply apply mineral oil to help the shelf life.


That wraps it up for us on the best cooking knives made in the United States. If you’re currently looking to equip your kitchen or improve your dining with quality knives, these are incredible options to consider. They also speak volumes as great gift items for newlyweds and your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else you care about.
They’re lasting items, great quality, and the most affordable.

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