7 Best Running Shoes for Women from Amazon in 2021

7 Best Running Shoes for Women from Amazon in 2021

Choosing the right running shoes can be challenging, with a lot of amazing options available from the best brands on the market. And it can even become a little intimidating if you’ve got a lot higher taste and want a great pair of kicks in the $100-and-above range. 

That’s where this list of the best running shoes for women comes in. In this piece, we’ve carefully selected running shoes for beginners and top athletes, sprinters and joggers, stability runners and lightweight seekers—name the class. There’s just the ideal pair for the right runner.

As part of our comprehensive research, we have also taken into consideration important deciding factors like the shape, cushioning, support, tread, and mechanics of all listed sneakers in this article. We believe that finding a quality and comfortable pair of running shoes is a big first step to maintaining a disciplined and delightful running routine. 

We hope you find the pair that fits your specific needs. 

1. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running ShoesZoom Pegasus 37

Nike takes creativity to a new level with the upgraded Pegasus 37, designed for winter runs. 

This pair of running shoes provides incredible comfort and superior traction on icy roads, keeping your feet waterproof-dry as you run through slush, snow, or rain. 

We tested several pairs of winter-specific running shoes, and the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 came topmost on our choices, courtesy of its road-specific design intended for the most challenging tracks. We love the traction on these shoes, which work exactly the same as tires on asphalt. There’s a lot of underfoot grip without the usual lugs that come with such hold—a really rare combination in running shoes. 

As we’ve already stated, the Pegasus 37 keeps your feet dry on snowy runs. According to fitness writer Mallory Creveling, the shoes showed remarkable waterproofing capabilities when splashed directly with water in a bathtub test. And regardless of its water-resistant quality, the Pegasus 37 running shoes are still flexible and breathable. 

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 running shoes could be the best on the list if we forgive the tiny downside that comes from the upper, which gives squeezing support that can feel a little too tight at times. But this will only be for runners with flat and wide feet. By no means a big deal, it can be fixed by simply adjusting the laces. 

All in all, these supportive sneakers will be your running companion through several chilly miles round the year. No more worries about cold, wet or uncomfortable feet.

2. Asics Kayano 26

ASICS’s Kayano 26 is a great choice for over-pronators or anyone who needs stability shoes. If your feet tend to roll inwards, don’t worry. The DUOMAX® midsole provides smooth over-pronation control by combining two different density materials to reduce the risk of fleet feet and bunions. Meanwhile, the Guidance TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology boosts stability and works with the contoured midfoot to help control torsion. 

Designed for the long-distance runner, the Kayano women’s running shoes let you enjoy luxurious comfort and improved bounce with each stride, courtesy of the high-density shock absorber GEL® technology. Also featured is a jacquard mesh upper and FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology for a lightweight quality that allows your feet to breathe as you go the distance. 

Asics Kayano 26

Overall, the Asics Kayano 26 running shoe is a worthy investment. Aside from its high-quality, it’s also a durable piece. The AHAR® rubber sponge technology is designed to help reduce excessive wear for a longer lifespan.

Another noteworthy feature is the vibrant new design meant to inspire you to unleash your inner runner on days when you might need a bit of extra motivation. Tiny reflective details have also been added to enhance your visibility for night-time jogging. 

At just $100 give or take, the Kayano running shoes is the real deal.

3. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Rincon Running Shoes

The HOKA women’s running shoes are ideal for long miles at a more relaxed pace. The plush training shoes come super well-cushioned with layers of foaming for a springy and supportive feel. It’s quite surprising that they remain super lightweight underfoot despite this amount of cushioning. We’re not complaining, we like it. Your ride will be incredibly soft.

Rincon Running Shoes

HOKA presents the Rincon Running Shoes is suitable for all running intentions from “recovery jogs to races,” but we don’t think it’s the best choice for both. Having said that, we recommend these shoes mainly for jogging. With a slightly curved sole and thick cushioning underneath, this is the shoe you’d want to lace up in for those rejuvenating long, easy miles. Training days are also a perfect fit.

Another win? These HOKA shoes come in impressively eccentric and evocative color choices that relate with their inspiration source—surf vacation in California.

4. On Cloudflyer

Soar alongside birds in the ultra-light and stable On Cloudflyer running shoes. It’s specially designed for over-pronators and runners who have trouble maintaining form on long runs. This model offers a more stable build than the well-known Cloud X while taking a more interesting and flexible approach to pronation support than most stability shoes.

Instead of completely stopping pronation, the medial side of each shoe comes with added support to guide it. For someone looking for the perfect middle ground between neutral and stability, this is the right shoe. It’s designed to feel nimble and aerodynamic, as well as optimized to help prevent injury for people with over-pronation issues.

On Cloudflyer women showsOn Cloudflyer

The sole features a dozen unique pods, one distinct quality that sets the On Cloudflyer apart. These pods allow for proper cushioning and direction, as well as extra speed as they press together. 

A little downside for us might be the shoes’ short length and the somewhat narrow heel. Fortunately, these seeming shortcomings are effectively offset by the unique lacing system which allows for a generous foot width accommodation. 

We highly recommend this long-lasting quality shoe, if you have the money. Pricey—maybe—but definitely worth the price tag.

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

If you need a plush and comfortable ride that makes you feel supported, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 will do just that, no matter how long you are on your feet. The comfortable and versatile 1080v11 is suited for any type of training, from easy miles to hard marathons.

Packed full of New Balance’s special Fresh Foam technology, the 1080v11 offers an ultra-cushioned ride that feels lightweight and transitions smoothly with each footfall. The sole is sufficiently padded underfoot to provide for extra support and speed; you will enjoy the dynamic and bouncy yet soft feeling that comes with rocking these shoes on solid pavement for miles. The upper is made of a comfortable and stretchy fabric designed to hold your feet in place and prevent blisters while permitting air circulation within. 

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

Many runners agree that the Ultra Heel design feels like it molds around the foot for a comfortable snug fit. As for the inner arch, enhancements have been made by making it much firmer than the previous models, so as to prevent over-pronation resulting from long runs. 

Overall, whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned athlete, the all-purpose 1080v11 training shoes will deliver up to your expectations—and beyond, we hope.

6. Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next %

There’s so much going on with these sneakers it’s difficult to know where to start with its review. Maybe with the conclusion of one of the most trusted authorities in the industry, Paula Radcliffe. 

In an Instagram post, the former women’s world marathon record holder gives it her seal of approval, as she calls it her “new favorite”. She wrote: “Introducing my new favorite. For those tired leg days when we all need a run where we feel great and come back mentally and physically rejuvenated. Thank you Nike Zoom Tempo Next%.”

Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next %Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next %

You’ve heard it. This is one of the best racing shoes on the market and a must-have for serious runners looking to break their PB. Designed for top speed, the shoe features a springy foam midsole and a thin carbon fiber plate to propel you forward. It’s lightweight with a glove-like fit that makes you feel supported while offering a comfortable, breathable feel. 

Two air pods compress and bounce back with each stride to give the shoe its kick. Of Nike’s other similar premier running shoes (the Vaporfly and Alphafly models), the Tempo Next % is the sturdiest. This makes it the ideal running companion if you are going to be logging miles after miles of both training runs and races, as opposed to saving them for race days only. 

The pair is a little more expensive than most other options, but we didn’t expect less, to be fair. The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next % is a great choice if you have the money.

7. Under Armour HOVR Infinite

For the records, the Under Armour HOVR Infinite is the winner of the 2019 Runner’s World “Recommended” Award. It’s targeted at long-distance runners who need flexibility, cushioning, and versatility.

The best thing about this UA pick is that it’s digitally connected. It comes with a Record Sensor technology which works via a removable chip built into the insole of the shoe. This automatically tracks your speed, distance, stride length, and cadence, so that you will know exactly what you can do to get better. It’s like carrying a home treadmill with you outdoors. Your running metrics can then be linked and uploaded to the Under Armour MapMyRun app post-run, allowing you to view all your data in one place. And just in case you’re wondering, the UA HOVR technology provides a non-disruptive service.

The UA running shoe features a “zero-gravity feel” HOVR foam engineering optimized to maintain energy return with the right amount of responsive cushioning to keep your legs fresh for more miles coverage. The outsole is made up of both blown and carbon rubbers for more durability, a necessity for shoes designed to bear the burden of regular long-distance runs.

Under Armour HOVR Infinite

We especially love the gender-specific design of this HOVR Infinite sneakers; it has been specially made for the anatomy of the female foot. As such, it features a much softer and higher tongue than the men’s model. Also, the mesh upper is lightweight and breathable, and there’s a padded heel collar for extra comfort. You’ll find that these shoes fit and feel better than most running shoes you’ve ever worn. 

The connectivity aspect aside, this shoe pair on its own is still just very impressive—a step above most others on our list, we dare say. And when you consider that it’s in the same price range as most running shoes on the market that don’t even offer the same smart features, it becomes a steal.

Final thoughts

Are you still overwhelmed with options? You don’t have to be; all you need to do is to take a step back and evaluate your top priorities.

While there’s no one “best” pair of women’s running shoes, there’s the “right” shoe for every woman. This means that the best running shoes for you probably won’t be the best for your sister, mom, or female friends. Several factors and preferences work together to decide which pair of shoes are right for you. And it may take a few direct tries to find out. 

Our versatile guide of listed options will help, as we’ve narrowed things down to the most comfortable, durable, and intention-specific running shoe money can buy. And we aren’t even talking about the most expensive here. 

Just browse through the rich options and make a choice according to your unique needs.

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