“…for all things female.”

Call us what you want—women’s blog, gurlz’ Bible, city gurlz’ itinerary, or even Amazon community—you wouldn’t be wrong.

Among all else, one thing is sure: We’re here for all things female.

GurlzCare is a growing e-journal brand and one of the most credible sources of information for and about young women. It’s the ideal resource for ambitious, independent, sassy, classy, and trendy modern young women who want to gain greater control over their physical, mental, and emotional lives.

Keep up with the hottest in Fashion, Beauty Care, and Lifestyle; discover the best approaches to Workouts, Fitness, and general Well-being by our community of style seekers and creators; engage with amazing individuals like yourself who are as passionate about stylish living as you are.

Whatever it is—from a promising new beauty product to a rising style trend or a newly discovered better way to live your health and fitness life, GurlzCare will always provide daily fresh ideas and inspiration to help you live your life to the fullest.

We give the gurlz the tools they need to make their lives better through detailed and expert-supported publications. We want your life to be full of zest and fun.

At GurlzCare, we believe that every woman is a girl—whether you’re 18 or 80. For this reason, we’re committed to helping you continue to feel this way—ever so young in body and at heart.

It’s all in the mindset!

Our Mission, Vision, and Value statements say it better.

Our Mission:

GurlzCare is on a mission to:

  • Educate young women, 18 and above, to make informed health, fitness, and lifestyle choices.
  • Help young women to understand, love, and feel comfortable in the uniqueness of their bodies and what they can do for them.
  • Improve the quality of information available to women in the health, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle industry, with relentless dedication.

Our Vision:

  • To be every girl’s Number One guide for all things female—Health, Fitness, Fashion, and Lifestyle.
  • To create a strong community where women can come together as one family to connect, engage, and share ideas and information on all things female.

Our Values:

At GurlzCare, we’re driven by a set of core beliefs that help us to fulfill our mission of creating fact-centered, evidence-based, body-positive health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle enjoyment for young women.

The following values push our mission forward:

  • We believe that the idea of the “perfect body” is a misconception at best and that every girl can learn to be comfortable in her own body and skin, regardless of shape, size, age, race, and ability levels.
  • We believe that women own their Iives and bodies. As such, they should have the freedom to look, feel, and perform as they wish.
  • The ideal woman is one who feels capable and comfortable enough just as she is. Her value isn’t determined by how other people view her.
  • We believe in strength in unity. Together, women can lift one another.
  • We want all women to feel welcome, valued, supported, and safe in our community.
  • Education can transform lives and empower communities. Every woman deserves access to quality and correct information on topics like body image, dieting and nutrition struggles, lifestyle habits, and more. For this reason, we work with a close-knit team of certified and experienced professionals to develop our curriculum in the health, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

How We Operate

Our team of researchers, writers, and editors are licensed experts in their various areas of focus, ranging from health to fitness, weight loss, health, relationship, lifestyle, fashion, and more.

These individuals regularly consult and work collaboratively with other partner organizations and trusted authorities in the same field to bring you the most factual findings and the latest research from the world’s most credible sources.

We take the next big step to filter this information for accuracy in a meticulous fact-vetting process before presenting them to you in practical, accessible, and easily digestible ways.

Our work is supported by our implementation of timely, evidence-based educational programs; bespoke private counseling; and commissions from sales of women-centered products.

It’s important to note that GurlzCare tries to create quality content rooted in facts, free of sponsored favoritism, and broadly available to all.

We believe that while it’s great for women to have access to information from coaches who have the right knowledge and skills, that’s never enough. For women to be truly empowered, we must come together to build a big, committed community of healthier, fitter, stronger, and more zestful & confident women.

That’s what GurlzCare seeks to achieve.