Best Career and Lifestyle for Women in 2021


Today’s women are lucky to have a multitude of best career options to explore, along with the numerous associated perks and other benefits. Thanks to advances in technology, people can now choose either traditional career paths (like Healthcare, Law, or Engineering, to name a few) or the recent tech trends like Digital Marketing and other IT-related job options.

This is especially good news for women who often have to be different things at the same time—sister, daughter, partner, friend, wife, mother, provider—you name it! With more career options available, you can now choose which best career paths will offer the best benefits, according to your personal needs. Multitasking also becomes easier because you can now find a healthy balance between work life and family or personal life.

Regardless of who you are and what career choices matter to you most, you need to make your choices carefully. You’ll be spending (or will have spent) considerable time and resources in training for and working in whatever job you choose. So, find something you can do and love to do.
Then, make it happen.

That said, here are the top ten best careers that will be hired the most in 2021 and moving forward.



Entrepreneurship is a skill and lifestyle path that involves taking calculated risks and multitasking. It’s about understanding people and taking them with you along a path to a common goal. These are qualities women are already naturally endowed with, hence, the reason entrepreneurship is one of the best career lines for ambitious women these days.

From setting up small businesses to launching innovative giant ventures, women are in every sector you can think of. And they aren’t backing off. Today’s women are at the top as Founders, Chairpersons, or CEOs of countless small and large businesses across the country and the world at large. And there are schemes from governments and organizations to encourage and support more and more women to become entrepreneurs.

One of the best things about entrepreneurship is the freedom it allows you. No doubts, it comes with a lot of challenges. You’ll be busy managing and allocating resources (material and human), and every decision will rest on your shoulders. However, entrepreneurship is a great chance for every woman to do what she really loves to do; it’s an opportunity for women who have always dreamed of starting their own businesses, AKA “most women”.

Almost every woman would agree that it’s great working from a place of your own choice and at your own time and pace. This offers you the much-needed flexibility to give adequate time to your business and your family. Not to mention the immense contribution you’ll be making to society as an employer of labor.

So, instead of working 9-5, putting in all those efforts to generate profits for someone else, why not redirect all those energies towards making even more money for yourself?

Information Technology (IT)


With the recent steady rise and expansion of the Information Technology (IT) industry, more and more young women are swimming with the tides to seek best career options in the sector. And the good thing is that the demand by the industry for professional hands is ever on the rise, as well.

For a young woman to take up a job in this sector, she has to earn a certificate or bachelor’s degree in an applicable field and should have related work experience. You can get a job as a Software Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, Network Administrator, Business Analyst, and so on.

This is a great opportunity for women who take a special interest in IT and computer-related stuff in general. The ease and excitement of working on the internet is a huge attention grabber. And the potential earning is also attractive. The median weekly earnings for women is an estimated $1,727. And we haven’t even mentioned the growth potential this career path promises—currently estimated at 12% by 2026.

Major takeaway: Demand for this career line will continue to grow as long as technology develops and more businesses are forced to rely on their computer and information system managers for digital solutions to their platforms.

Digital Marketing / Online Freelancing


Do you have any online skill(s)—writing, blogging, vlogging, graphics design, web design, web/software development, social media management/marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, virtual assistant, mini-importation, dropshipping, e-commerce—just about any digital skill? You can make a living from selling these skills online.

Demand for these skills is forever on the rise, as technology develops and the digital space expands steadily. This is an opportunity for women who either don’t have conventional 9-5 jobs or don’t just like the idea. Also, a great way for stay-at-home moms and nursing mothers to earn from the home space.

Digital marketing/online freelancing is one of the best career paths, and there are really no limits to the level you can reach financially. Huge plus: You can easily combine it with your normal daily job.

Earn online today working from the comfort of your home. Be your own boss and decide your own place, pace, and pay. And a little icing on the cake—there’s almost nearly no investment needed, other than a laptop/smartphone, internet connection, and steady power supply.

Medicine / Healthcare


It’s not surprising that the healthcare sector is always in high demand for qualified professional women to take up job roles in the industry. After all, women are born caregivers; nature has made it that way.
Some of the best career offers for women in this field are pharmacy, physician, surgery, nursing, midwifery, medical lab technician, among others. You can choose among various other options depending on your educational qualifications and/or work experience. A career path in any of these fields provides women the chance to achieve best career success and wealth. And there’s good job security.



Teaching, like old-time nursing, is a very noble profession—one that naturally fits the caring, patient, nurturing nature of a woman. And like nursing, too, teaching is not only a career choice but a calling. “Many are called but a few are chosen,” they say. Minus certificates, the high personality traits required of a teaching candidate lends a certain level of respect for the profession in society.

Your teaching career provides you sufficient time with family and friends, as well as with your other passions and engagements. Moreso, it keeps your mind evergreen and opens to growth every step of the way. You’ll also always feel a rewarding sense of fulfillment from knowing that you play an important role in shaping people’s lives—the best reward for teaching, perhaps, especially for those who see it more as a calling.

Depending on your educational qualifications, you can opt for a teaching job at any suitable level from Daycare to College level. The salary scale is well-structured and grows as you advance into your career.

Perhaps, the best part about teaching is that it’s a profession that will never die, no matter what. And it will always be highly sought after, regardless of any new development in the evolution of man and his society.

Human Resources


Human Resource Management is ideal for women who have a liking for working in corporate or organizational settings where they’ll have to meet and interact with people. Working in this field typically requires you to be able to help people solve their issues and problems. Your job may involve tasks like interviewing, recruiting, and training prospective employees; handling payments/benefits and designing assessment structures; and handling employee welfare, and resolving general issues.

The role of Human Resource personnel is vital to every organization’s existence. This is especially true in large organizations/corporation where a highly qualified and experienced HR personnel is needed for efficient handling of daily challenges.

An MBA or a PGDM in Human Resources will get a good beginning in this field. You’ll be highly sought after, and the pay is good.

Psychology, Therapy, or Counseling

Psychology, Therapy, or Counseling

A woman is a natural problem solver. Most are good observers, empathetic listeners, and excellent communicators—tender skills which by default set a woman up for a fitting role in Psychology, Therapy, or Counseling.

As a psychologist or therapist, you’re trained to conduct research, perform testing, evaluate, and treat a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges. You could also offer your services in the educational sector, guiding students to success and helping them find their way through life. You can even exploit the areas of career guidance, marriage counseling, and/or personal development. Whatever your area of specialization, you’ll be helping people become the best versions of themselves, overcome various personal problems, and improve the quality of their lives.

To pursue a career in this field, you’ll be required to have a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or any other applicable accredited degree program. A few years of experience in teaching or in human resource management may also come in handy.

One major takeaway about this career path is the huge leap in demand. You stand a good chance of making a lot of money…earning on an hourly basis while dictating the tempo of your work and personal life.

Nutrition & Fitness Guide

Nutrition & Fitness Guide

In recent times, there has been increasing awareness about health, nutrition, and fitness, and how they relate to improving the quality of our lives. Career opportunities in these areas and related fields (dietetics and yoga, for example) have seen positive growths in leaps and bounds. Women can seek a career in this niche after earning a certificate or bachelor’s degree in an applicable field. Depending on your training, you can have a lucrative career as a nutritionist, dietician, fitness instructor, yoga instructor, among others.

Media & Journalism

Media & Journalism

Are you creative and/or good at communication? Do you love to research and are open to ideas? Let your creative juices flow with a career in Media, Journalism, and/or Writing.

This industry allows a lot of creative freedom so that you make money while doing what you love to do—think job satisfaction. Coupled with a wide range of interesting specializations, there are just so many niches to explore within the industry. Interested women may consider job choices in Writing/Editing, Journalism, Media, Public Relations, Advertising, and Photography, to mention a few.

A new niche—Social Media Management/Marketing—is now used these days by most companies (alongside their traditional marketing and Public Relations) to promote their presence and reach online. And it’s only just growing.

Fashion Design & Merchandising

Fashion Design

A career in Fashion Design is a great option for women who are stylish, fashionable, intelligent, and creative…and that means most women. Now, if you really excel in these areas (we bet you do!), how about extending this talent a bit further and helping other women look just like you, too?

Women interested in building a career in the Fashion Design industry can find jobs as a Fashion/Apparel Designer, Fashion Merchandise, Fashion Technologist, Textile Technologist, among others.

Our recent world of social media has made things even easier now. You can set up an online store for your products and sell directly from the comfort of your home—a perfect option for those who don’t want a boring office job.

Final Thoughts

No doubts, there are tons of other amazing career options not included in this list. That’s why you need to dive deep into proper research and counseling to make the best career decisions.

So, how do you know which of these is the best career paths for you?

Well, don’t just choose a career because it pays well or someone (who’s not a trained counselor) thinks it’s a good fit for you. What you should do is to personally evaluate yourself to find out if you have the personality for this career. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses as related to the career in question and the unique working environment. You can also see a career counselor if you feel it’s really necessary.

Your career will be running for years to come, so it’s almost literally your life. Make it count by deciding well. Remember that if you enjoy your work, you’ll never have to work for a day at all.

Good luck!

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